Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Ready for Valentine's Day?

 I made another version of the floor lounge (see 2 posts down) to compliment our ever-growing Vintage Romance collection. This item is not at any event, it can be found with the collection it its own building to the left of our main entrance

The 4 Seasons for January

 New at The 4 Seasons Event (click to TP inworld) are the Petals woodland elf or fairy dresses perfect for role players or anyone who just likes wearing a flower. Available in a plethora of mesh body sizes, there's one for everybody! (well... almost) Comes in 8 color variations, some bright and vibrant, some soft.

The single colors do include a version for Altamura with no attached panty. The fatpack and demo do not include it.  

New at Miix Event for January

 I got busy for a few months and havent gotten posts created for all the shiny newness at Mirage Treasure Co. so, hopefully, we can start out 2021 with more consistency. (hahaha right)

Both Kastle Rock and Mirage are participating at the January 2021 round of Miix Event. (Click to TP inworld)

This floor lounge sits 5! Thats 2 couples and one single (talk about a fifth wheel lol) in a casual way. They are not all looking at each other. Check the ads for how many options and animations are offered. (Also this item comes in less expensive "softs" and "darks" sets with 50% of the color options or in a fatpack version and in adult & PG or PG only. 

HALF OFF the fatpack versions at Miix! It goes to full price once it moves to the store at the end of the round.

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Skull-n-Bones: Caribbean Adventure 3

Our 3L prizes for the treasure hunt. Click the hunt sign at the store entrance for a hint hud and start looking! 2 items to find at Mirage!

Hunt Blog: http://kastlerockevents.blogspot.com/

Thursday, August 13, 2020

SWANK for August

 I looove this set :) So... this average person goes on a few exotic trips to Morocco and India. This collection is meant to be travel inspired, not traditional furniture. Tons of animations, many of them new, and plenty of culture sprinkled in. 

Deep discount on the full set. Also available in PG

Teleport to Swank

Blogger Spotlight

 Yvain Style does it again! Quickly becoming one of my favorite bloggers. Stunning work every time <3 

#249 - A quietly Sunset

Friday, July 24, 2020

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Blogger Spotlight

Every once in a while, a blogger captures something of mine in a really beautiful way and I especially loved this photo by Bekks Heartsong. The Sea Raft Bed (currently at Swank) never looked better

Out to sea

Sunday, June 21, 2020

One of our most famous gridwide treasure hunts has returned for the 11th year! As usual, we anchor the Puck path, which is home and garden prizes. Each prize is 3L. (Check out the Kastle Rock link to see what we're offering for that store as well)

The hunt runs from June 21 - July 21, 2020

Get all the info, hints and skips on the blog by clicking here

SWANK! For June

A celebration of Colors is the theme and so we offered up some pretty colorful living room sets. There are 4 versions. Each version is available as a discounted full set or as each piece individually. Teleport to Swank to see live demos

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Check this Out

Trinity Aironaut

Special thanks to my Dancers Ava Jhamin, Vichonette Constantine and Margie Snookums. I'd also like to thank Spooky Mistwallow for allowing us to use her Beautiful Mirage Sim.

Note: Just posting this as it was filmed by these lovely ladies at the Mirage sim and I thought it was great <3

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Woodland Lights

Elves and fairies alike can use a little light in their life... or a big light lol. These come with glowing fairy lights (not system lights), no light with just a bit of glow, or system light on.

The lights can be found at Mirage current;ly outside the wall art building to the left as you walk in.

a texture for the ground that matches the base of the lights is included in the box

SWANK! for May!

This month's theme is Boho Chic and our trendy, fashionable manager, Venom Zanzibar, really helped me with this one. She helped me pick items to make and I have to say this set is one of my favorite things I've made to date.

The pieces are all sold separately. I dont package up "buy all" sets because I'm always adding a piece here and there.

The bed (adult and PG) has an enormous amount of texture options, from 5 wood tones (ranging from dark walnut to white) to 13 blanket patterns. Most of the blankets have both plain "sheet" pillowcases as well as matching patterns. Each blanket fabric comes in a "full theme" where I picked what I thought looked nicest as a complete look so you can just update everything at once and then change just the things you want.

The nightstand and dresser also have 5 wood tones closely matching the bed. The dresser has 7 runner fabrics also.

The rug has 8 great and versatile options.

The wall mirror has I think 14 texture selections.

All pieces of the set are exclusives at SWANK until the end of May and will then move to the back right of the large white building at Mirage Treasure Co.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020

This is only our second appearance at Fantasy Faire, the first being 2014. I applied again I think it was 2016 and was declined on the basis that I did not have enough fantasy merchandise - a decision I agreed with. I was shocked when I was accepted this year to be honest lol. I have more suitable stuff for the faire but I am by no means to be considered a "fantasy creator."

I rather like my offerings. This surprises me because I have hated my exclusives for We Love Role-play for the past 2 months so much that I refused to sign up for another round until I have something already finished that I'm happy with. Idk if I got lucky with my FF choices or if my creator's slump is maybe over.

So the proceeds from the sale of these items (during FF) go to the Relay for Life - American Cancer Society.

Monday, April 6, 2020

New for SWANK!

Our opulent art deco bed comes in PG or adult versions for 595/365L respectively and has 15 mattress colors in both light and dark with the frame in wood or dark options. Lots of animations! Available through the end of April and then it moves to the main store.

Teleport to SWANK

We Love Roleplay

Our exclusive for the April round of We Love Roleplay goes with our exclusive for Swank. The chairs and table set in an art deco theme are half price while they are at the event! See product ad for all specs and details

Teleport to the event

Thursday, January 9, 2020

NEW!! Vintage Romance Round Beds

At long last another addition to the Vintage Romance collection! The round bed has 22 animated sits, 17 cuddles (and 22 adult animations in the adult version.) The bed frame has 6 options, the sheet has 11 options and the blanket has 9 options for a truly customized look!

NEW!! African Spice Round Beds

At long last another addition to the popular African Spice collection! The round bed has 22 animated sits, 17 cuddles (and 22 adult animations in the adult version.) The bed frame has 7 options, the sheet has 10 options and the blanket has 12 options for a truly customized look!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Candy Cane 11 Hunt

Nov 24 - Dec 25th, 2019   81 Stores
Female Only, M&F or Unisex, Home & Garden Paths
3L Prizes ($L goes to merchant)

HINT BLOG:  https://kastlerockevents.blogspot.com/

Find our themed offering!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Retalia Wild Heels

These are some ferocious shoes! :) Rigged versions for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza high feet as well as an option HUD for only $195L!

The HUD has 2 options for metal finishes, gold and silver.
The sole/heel has 3 options where the heel matches the sole (Gold, Silver and Wood) and 4 options where the heel matches the shoe.

The shoes come in 4 faux furs and can be found in the left side "modern clothing" building just inside the main gate (the side with Maali aka ArabianTreasure Resident dancing out front) Or CLICK HERE for a TP directly to the item.

**No Animals were harmed in the creation of these shoes. We at Mirage Treasure Co. cherish our wildlife!**

Saturday, August 17, 2019

Skull-n-Bones: Caribbean Adventure 2

Our prize for the treasure hunt is only 3L! This is a limited time version that will disappear after the hunt.


Dates: Aug 18 - Sept 18, 2019

The hut is only 5LI

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Cookie Jar 8th Anniversary Hunt

Its pretty rare that Kastle Rock or Mirage will take part in a free hunt but being that the folks over at the Cookie Jar are some of our oldest friends we made an exception. This chair is 4LI, 16 animated sits with several color choices for the cushion as well as dark and light options for the wood and rope. Other versions of it are currently for sale in the store and this one will be too once the event ends.

Monday, August 27, 2018

NEW!! African Spice Collection

This very well may be the last in the series of sectional sofas but you never know. It is, however, the most anticipated. I've had many requests for a large sofa to match the rest of the set so I have finally delivered. :)

The sofa has the usual shades of white and beige suede to choose from as well as the obvious spice color and a fun bonus theme in Zebra. And... since I had to make separate pillows for the zebra theme you have 2 pillow selections instead of just the one.

ADULT - $565L

Thursday, August 9, 2018

NEW!! Beach Huts!

So I took a break from all my culturally influenced merchandise and added to my recent trove of tropical items (created for the Good Vibes fair) by creating cute little beach huts in pretty coastal colors. They even come with the bonus texture change potted hibiscus! (When you land at mirage turn your head to the right and you will see them) only 225L each!

Skull-n-Bones: Caribbean Adventure Treasure Hunt

Mirage Heads the rolicking good time that is the Tortuga Path (Home & Garden) and this year we have 2 prizes for you! The hunt runs until Sept 5th, 2018. CLICK FOR HUNT BLOG

Just the stool - the outfit is out for only 25L!

Friday, August 3, 2018

25L Pirate Outfit!!

In celebration of "Skull-n-Bones: The Pirate Hunt" (which has been updated to "Caribbean Adventure" to offer a broader spectrum of prizes) I dragged out my 2013 prize and updated it with Omega appliers. Now this item was created when Mesh was relatively new, so it has mesh pieces, sculpted and flexi pieces all in the same box. Of course, you can mix and match with other outfits to get a more updated look if you want. (this was originally a Kastle Rock item but was moved to Mirage due to its themed/RP nature)

The item is found just past the sale room on the right behind DirtyLittle Deed (the model showing the Sarie Gown)

The item was in the sales system priced at $195 but it will be out at 25L at least through the Skull-n-Bones: Caribbean Adventure hunt.

For hunt details, CLICK HERE

Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Midsummer Night's Dream 9

Our prize this year is a little different :) Woodland nymphs got drunk and fell asleep! I cute "planter" for your home or garden in a version with and without the hibiscus flowers.

Blog:  https://kastlerockevents.blogspot.com/

A Midsummer Night's Dream 9 Treasure Hunt
June 21 - July 21, 2018

Good Vibes Fair

In addition to the items featured in my last post, I also have one more wall art item that I made after the fact.

The Good Vibes Fair is open! The Good Vibes Fair runs from June 15 to June 29, 2018

Monday, May 28, 2018

Tropical Anticipation

I made a bunch of new stuff for the upcoming Good Vibes Fair from WeDoSL events! The fair will start on June 15th so I thought a little sneak preview would be fun. For this event I have made my first bed! I have another wall art item in the works at this time and Ill add a pic later.