Monday, March 17, 2014

New! Gramophone

Only 1LI! I tried really hard to find music for it but that proved too difficult. It still looks great in your Persian home!


Merfolk!  I made this tentacle mer-bathtub with 3 single and 3 couple (PG) animations. The tub is 19 LI and the towel-holder is 1LI for 100L this month only! Price will go up when it moves to the store.

We've Been Blogged!

Harper did a very nice write-up on this month's Genre round, which you can find HERE, on her blog, A Passion for Virtual Fashion

Friday, March 7, 2014

We've Been Blogged!

Harper Beresford, whom you may recall did the absolutely gorgeous blog post for the Sarie Gown, has done it again with the new Ashwari minidress. Great lighting and photo technique as always.

Check out the rest of the blog here:

The CHALLENGE for Builders - March

This month is our very first time participating in The CHALLENGE for Builders and the result turned out good! The theme we were given is "your country" so I made something for the good ol' US of A. Since I'm actually from NY I initially tried to make something with apples but what I had in mind and the mesh available on MP just didnt come together. So... I styled a chaise lounge with 22 single sits for the southwest, since I love that flavor, and offer it with and without a cowboy hat hanging on the edge. (The one sans hat blends nicely with a polynesian/island theme)

It is available all month in the sale room just to the right inside the Mirage entrance.

Ashwari Dresses

NEW at Mirage this week are the short, savvy Ashwari sari-inspired minis in the popular style of the Sarie dresses released last month. They come in 7 different "darks" and 7 different "light" shades (light to medium) for a total of 14 different hues - one to please everyone! The first one lands in the 60L Secret sale on March 7th. They retail for 125L each!