Saturday, December 6, 2014

The End is Near!

So you'll be all set if you have these Heavy Grunge "Apocalypse Jeans" that are very similar to the skirt at the current round of Genre. They have no texture options except what you see, but theyre the best end of the world pants in SL!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Tea Table

I made this version of the Tea Table for 4 in purple for my good friend Leopold Ansar who once came to my old jazz club on formal night dressed in gorean clothing, bare-chested with a weapon at his side. Every woman in the place fainted I think lol. He went outside to change into a tux and I was yelling NOO!!! Take that off! Get back in here! :D of course, he came back in properly dressed lol.

There were subtle teal hints in the carpet and the color ended up perfectly complimenting this set. Look for it to hit 60L Weekends and then 55 Thursdays sale in coming weeks.

New Wall Hangings

These scroll type wall hangings are texture change with all 3 of the patterns shown included. The Africa Tribe version is on sale this week. The Metal Moods version has already been on sale so watch for it to pop up in 60L Weekends or 55 Thursdays in the coming weeks.

There will be more in this series.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Genre for November - Apocalypse!

Time to get down & dirty lol. I found this leather skirt in a pile of rubble. Cleaned it up as best as I could but the heavily grungy rusty thing still looks like it's been through an apocalypse. You even get 2 bonus textures, canvas and a fun "hazard" pattern in a HUD in case you get bored.

100L at Genre's November Round

Saturday, November 1, 2014

NEW for Medieval Players!

And whatever other themes these may fit. My beloved Mr. Klaar has opened a medeival RP sim in the spirit of Game of Thrones called Bear Island, seat of the House of Mormont. Being that I am lady Mormont, I decided I needed to make something to sell at his place.

Northern peasant dresses come in a clean version and a soiled version for them hard-working but pitifully poor ladies who cant afford to replace the white under-gown after a few months of labor. (So I guess there is a lower-middle class version and a poverty dress)

Each dress comes in 5 suede corset colors with a black fur top-skirt and 4 suede corset colors with a brown fur over-skirt. Each sold separately or in an all-colors version. (There is a clean all colors and a soiled all colors)

More New Stuff!

Finally I was able to find some Arab items for men. The Galabya comes in black, sand or white with or without trim. It also comes in an "all colors" version.

And, to complete the look, we also have the traditional keffyieh headdress worn by Arabs. This comes in corresponding black, white or black fabrics with sand or black band or a traditional red and white houndstooth check with plain black band that will match both the pain white or black galabya.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

We've been blogged!

Livvy Fhang took this gorgeous pic of our Mystic Realms Faire exclusive gown, Moonstone in princess pink. Be sure to check out the full article HERE!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


Not a lot. Ive been busy rl

Btw the plant in this pic is by Bazaar and the jar of sand is by Sway

Challenge for Builders - October Round

This theme was "shopping" and so I wanted to make an item that was functional, attractive, and yet something you dont really find in SL. The unit comes in 3 pieces. The backdrop, the desk and the coffee pot. A "front desk" with a desert look and an Arabian/Moroccan/Indian feel. I can almost smell the spices of the village souk and,.. the camels of course :)

Please note that the desk and the backdrop are 2 separate pieces. The desk can be used as a kitchen counter, dropping artwork on the front instead of your logo. Possibly a texture that resembles glass tile, a vent, or a soft light.  Use the backdrop as a wall behind your bed or sofa or even a bathtub or jacuzzi. Use it in the garden perhaps. very versatile item!

Mystic Realms Faire

The fair starts on Oct 11th and we have 3 new exclusive items.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Genre for September

The theme this time is one of my favorites, South Asia, and I did an India themed wall unit with texture change options on the lamps, curtains and the unit itself. Included is a separate rug platform with pillows and a bunch of couples cuddles. However, you can use the wall unit to display a candle grouping, fireplace, couch, or anything else you have in mind.

Only 100L at Genre thru Oct 12th. After that it comes back to the store at more than twice the price.

All info is on the pic. Right now there is an working demo example rezzed at both Genre and Mirage.

Teleport to Genre

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Challenge - September "Colorful" round

This month, I thought on the theme "colorful" and said hmmm... rainbows and flowers and my little pony and s**t. Colorful is not my thing. So, I asked Stephan what I could make and he came up with the perfect thing. Some mid-century retro furniture.

I give you a classic formica table with chrome trim and texture-change chairs in 9 colors. The chair have wooden legs so will go perfectly as decorative seating in a bedroom or living area as well as at the kitchen table. Also, no formica table would be complete without a plastic ashtray in 9 bright colors with a gently smouldering cigarette. (also a no smoke version included)

Get the whole set for only $265L inside the sale room thru September 29.

Monday, September 1, 2014

New Camisks!

Inspired by the Gorean tales, I give you these bare-all fur camisks with a leather edge and buffed hide inside. Guaranteed to keep a little bit of your anatomy warm! 5 colors

Saturday, August 9, 2014

We've Been Blogged!

One of our regular bloggers, Jheniffer Resident, did the most amazing pics of our new Adrican Chaise Lounge and the Maali Chalwar in white. I really love this set of 4 pics so please check out her blog HERE

Monday, August 4, 2014

African Chaise Lounge

New today is this African version of the chaise lounge previously released in a Southwest version for "The Challenge for Builders" a few months ago. This African version comes with a musical djembe side table with attached brass station lamp for 3 LI. The music has touch on/off function. Also included is a cute little 1 LI giraffe. The chaise itself is 4 LI and features 22 single sits. Some male, some female and a few unisex.

The set will be on sale for only 60L beginning 8/8/14 and will then return to its regular price of $295L

Friday, August 1, 2014

Skull-n-Bones: The Pirate Hunt 4

The Pirate hunt set sail Aug 1st and doesnt drop anchor again until Aug 31! Until then Mirage has hidden a treasure chest you can loot for only 1L! The irony here is that you get... a treasure chest lol. Be sure to visit the hunt's blog for more information! (This is a Kastle/Electric hunt organized by Spooky Mistwallow, the owner of Kastle Rock & Mirage Treasure Co)

3 female, 3 male and 3 unisex animated sits

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Afrika Dresses

Halter-style dresses in 4 animal prints and 2 fabrics make up the new Afrika set released last week. Already the Brown Zebra is a favorite with shoppers and the "colors" version is a hit with bloggers. Right now the brown zebra is only 60L until next Friday!

The bracelet is by Rebel Hope and hasnt been available for at least a couple of years. The earrings are favs of mine from Zaara.

We've Been Blogged!

Alexxandra Sorbet contacted me with this great blog post featuring our Fateema Niquab in black. Make sure you check out the full article HERE at her blog!

Friday, July 11, 2014

We've Been Featured!

I am most honored to find that Strawberry Singh, whom I hold in the highest esteem, has used my Sarie gown in a blog-like spread for Trempe Magazine. Please check out the full page on Strawberry's site HERE. There are many other pics along with where to find everything. The series is all inspired by India.

Here is the pic that features Mirage's best selling item :)

A Few New Things...

In the past couple of weeks I have come up with a few new items. First there is this silky satiny pantsuit. It is all one piece and features a baggy fit for those that dislike tweaking their shape for mesh. It is available in 7 jeweltone colors, including onyx.

Next we have a cute ladder shelf with a touch on/off lamp on top (not connected) and a vase that is connected to the ladder. A nice, unobtrusive decorative addition to any home. Set a few of your own items on it as well!

This mesh tea set changes color to a few of the more popular jeweltones used in arabic decor.

And last but not least, something that sat half-finished on my platform for a few months waiting for me to find the ambition to set all the poses lol. There are 8 different animated sits in each seat. All seats contain the same selection of sits. There are an even mix of female and male poses tho most are pretty unisex. This is the only color so far but more will come. The teaset in this case is attached to the table and does not change color.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

A Midsummer Night's Dream 5 Gridwide Hunt

Many of you probably know this is one of the most popular and well-known hunts that I organize (usually with Lynn Pooley who was unable to be involved this year) and that a lot of enchanting and beautiful gifts are to be had!

This year's hunt is scaled way back from the 300+ stops of years ago, and I have arranged them into 6 easy-to-do paths of 20 or less. Merchants and hunters alike seem happy to wave goodbye to one looooong list of stores. Find them all HERE

Here is Mirage's 1L hunt gifts for 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014


YAY it's an Arabian round of Genre, which I requested and am very grateful for. Unfortunately, the entire week prior to the deadline I was in bed sick. Therefore, I didnt have the full outfit I had planned. I did, however, come up with a great new niquab so beautifully hide your beautiful face :)

Click on "read more" to see all variations.

Each color comes with a white sheer fabric, a matching fabric, and either a black sheer or chainmail fabric option.

Friday, June 13, 2014


New just today is this cute little 2 prim table with a working light. So far, this is the only version.

Also recent are these wardrobe cabinets. These come in all wood colors shown (in one box) and the door design is available in several different colors (sold separately)

Friday, May 9, 2014

Arabian Nights Hunt

runs only a few more days, but just realized I never posted pics of the prizes. The hunt is 1L and these items will away after the hunt ends May 15th, 2014. Check out the hunt blog using the handy link to the left


Adding one more species to our small collection of non-animated, decorative animals. The giraffes are 11 LI and the baby is 3.

New Stuff

There has been a lot of new things! Lets post a few sample pics to catch up :)

Available in many, many colors

Available in 5 different color sets

Available in 6 colors


New for the April-May round is a big band version of the gramophone!

Monday, March 17, 2014

New! Gramophone

Only 1LI! I tried really hard to find music for it but that proved too difficult. It still looks great in your Persian home!


Merfolk!  I made this tentacle mer-bathtub with 3 single and 3 couple (PG) animations. The tub is 19 LI and the towel-holder is 1LI for 100L this month only! Price will go up when it moves to the store.

We've Been Blogged!

Harper did a very nice write-up on this month's Genre round, which you can find HERE, on her blog, A Passion for Virtual Fashion

Friday, March 7, 2014

We've Been Blogged!

Harper Beresford, whom you may recall did the absolutely gorgeous blog post for the Sarie Gown, has done it again with the new Ashwari minidress. Great lighting and photo technique as always.

Check out the rest of the blog here: