Saturday, August 9, 2014

We've Been Blogged!

One of our regular bloggers, Jheniffer Resident, did the most amazing pics of our new Adrican Chaise Lounge and the Maali Chalwar in white. I really love this set of 4 pics so please check out her blog HERE

Monday, August 4, 2014

African Chaise Lounge

New today is this African version of the chaise lounge previously released in a Southwest version for "The Challenge for Builders" a few months ago. This African version comes with a musical djembe side table with attached brass station lamp for 3 LI. The music has touch on/off function. Also included is a cute little 1 LI giraffe. The chaise itself is 4 LI and features 22 single sits. Some male, some female and a few unisex.

The set will be on sale for only 60L beginning 8/8/14 and will then return to its regular price of $295L

Friday, August 1, 2014

Skull-n-Bones: The Pirate Hunt 4

The Pirate hunt set sail Aug 1st and doesnt drop anchor again until Aug 31! Until then Mirage has hidden a treasure chest you can loot for only 1L! The irony here is that you get... a treasure chest lol. Be sure to visit the hunt's blog for more information! (This is a Kastle/Electric hunt organized by Spooky Mistwallow, the owner of Kastle Rock & Mirage Treasure Co)

3 female, 3 male and 3 unisex animated sits