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Mirage opened in July of 2013 but operated a few months before that under the name "Kastle Arabian Market" and was located above Kastle Rock Couture. With such a demand for Arabian themed items in Second Life, and with so few of good quality available, Mirage was quickly a huge success and able to support its own location, dedicated to this theme.

If you have not been to Mirage, go have a walk around the sim. With indigenous creatures around, golden sandfalls and hidden treasures, Mirage is more than just a store! Sim design by Spooky Mistwallow and Stephan Klaar.

Spooky Mistwallow is the owner and designer of Mirage Treasure Co, Kastle Rock Couture, Kastle Enchanted Petite Couture and Jet Black. She is the founder and director of Freebies for Newbies as well as co-founder of Kastle/Electric Hunts with Lynn Pooley. Spooky has been designing in SL since October of 2008.

OWNER:  Spooky Mistwallow
MANAGER:  Venom Zanzibar


Una Basevi
Rissa Bolissima
Jewell Ember

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