Hidden Treasure

 It's true! There is hidden treasure at Mirage Treasure Co. for members of the inworld group "KASTLE ROCK COUTURE". There is a 100L fee to join this group, with occasional free gifts for women at Kastle Rock Couture, 5% credit back on cash purchases (touch vendors, select cash, then pay to receive) and other perks. (See "group benefits" page for full disclosure)

The treasure at Mirage will remain. It is not a hunt or store promotion. Items will be added as Spooky has time, they are not monthly or on any other sort of set release schedule. These items are hidden around the sim randomly inside "treasure" objects.

Make sure you are wearing the group tag to receive. Just touch or left click the items. You cant "buy" or "pay" right clicking will not work.


  • No treasure is hidden in the store area amid items for sale. They are placed around the sim, but not where you would shop. There are, however, 2 treasure items hidden in the mine tunnels, but away from merchandise. They are very near each other, so you are only looking for one "hidden" location in the tunnels.
  • You aren't looking for any certain thing. Most treasure items are different objects. Large gemstones, urns, vases and decorative bottles.
  • Some treasure items, lost by travelers around the sim, have nothing hidden inside. Just click stuff! (You can look in contents for a BSM vendor script if unsure)
  • All are in plain sight. No real camming needed. 
  • No items are smaller than a large grapefruit
  • You can ask other shoppers in the group for help but no member of staff can help you or give any hints. 
This is meant to be a fun way to collect group gifts, not a difficult or frustrating task. If you cant find one, come back another day and look again. They will still be there.

Added 5/27/18

Added 7/4/17

Added 7/4/16

Added 7/4/16

Added 7/4/16

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New 3/25/14

New 3/7/14

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