Saturday, November 22, 2014

New Tea Table

I made this version of the Tea Table for 4 in purple for my good friend Leopold Ansar who once came to my old jazz club on formal night dressed in gorean clothing, bare-chested with a weapon at his side. Every woman in the place fainted I think lol. He went outside to change into a tux and I was yelling NOO!!! Take that off! Get back in here! :D of course, he came back in properly dressed lol.

There were subtle teal hints in the carpet and the color ended up perfectly complimenting this set. Look for it to hit 60L Weekends and then 55 Thursdays sale in coming weeks.

New Wall Hangings

These scroll type wall hangings are texture change with all 3 of the patterns shown included. The Africa Tribe version is on sale this week. The Metal Moods version has already been on sale so watch for it to pop up in 60L Weekends or 55 Thursdays in the coming weeks.

There will be more in this series.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Genre for November - Apocalypse!

Time to get down & dirty lol. I found this leather skirt in a pile of rubble. Cleaned it up as best as I could but the heavily grungy rusty thing still looks like it's been through an apocalypse. You even get 2 bonus textures, canvas and a fun "hazard" pattern in a HUD in case you get bored.

100L at Genre's November Round

Saturday, November 1, 2014

NEW for Medieval Players!

And whatever other themes these may fit. My beloved Mr. Klaar has opened a medeival RP sim in the spirit of Game of Thrones called Bear Island, seat of the House of Mormont. Being that I am lady Mormont, I decided I needed to make something to sell at his place.

Northern peasant dresses come in a clean version and a soiled version for them hard-working but pitifully poor ladies who cant afford to replace the white under-gown after a few months of labor. (So I guess there is a lower-middle class version and a poverty dress)

Each dress comes in 5 suede corset colors with a black fur top-skirt and 4 suede corset colors with a brown fur over-skirt. Each sold separately or in an all-colors version. (There is a clean all colors and a soiled all colors)

More New Stuff!

Finally I was able to find some Arab items for men. The Galabya comes in black, sand or white with or without trim. It also comes in an "all colors" version.

And, to complete the look, we also have the traditional keffyieh headdress worn by Arabs. This comes in corresponding black, white or black fabrics with sand or black band or a traditional red and white houndstooth check with plain black band that will match both the pain white or black galabya.